Plastic Sheets & Protective Screens

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From our Dublin base, Abby Plastics manufacturers and installs a range of Plastic Sheets and protective screens for both small and large businesses.
Our plastic sheets and protective screens comply with all government COVID-19 social distancing regulations and guidelines.
The speed and flexibility of our manufacturing processes and installation procedures mean we can create plastic sheets and protective screens to the exact specifications of your premises, quickly. 

Our range of products includes:

  • Plastic sheets

  • Perspex sheets

  • Plexiglass sheets

  • Polystyrene sheets

  • Protective screens

Our Dublin plastic manufacturing experts can advise on the right plastic sheet or protective screen for the needs of your business. Get in contact with our team today.

Plastic Sheets & Protective Screens Range

- Polystyrene sheets
Polystyrene sheets are ideal as screen protectors, sneeze guards in eateries or as shop guards in retail premises.
We have both 4mm Polystyrene sheets and 5mm Polystyrene sheets available.

- Plexiglass sheets
If your business involves direct pubic interaction, it is important to have protective screens installed to protect staff and customers. We manufacture a range of custom sized plexiglass sheets. Our fully transparent, 1.5m flat plexiglass sheets are easy to install and easy to clean and disinfect. Plexiglass sheets remain a popular COVID-19 protection option.

- Perspex sheet
Our Perspex sheet screens can be installed in just about any premise. They can be installed quickly and easily and can be custom cut to the exact specifications of a business's premises.
Perspex sheets are suitable as protective screens in both office environments, retail units or any business that necessities direct contact with the general public or other employees.

For more information on polystyrene sheets, perspex sheets or plexiglass sheets, get in contact with Abby Plastics today.

Plastic Sheets & Protective Screens